Meet Shogen / OKINAWA: A Journey of DiscoverySPECIAL

After graduating from college, Shogen modeled in Paris, Milan, and London while backpacking around the world. He returned to Japan in 2004 and started his career as an actor. His debut film, “Bloody Snake under the Sun (2005),” depicts life in postwar Okinawa. Shogen played the leading role of a sanshin player. The film was nominated for Competition at the 20th Tokyo International Film Festival. His encounter with “method acting” in the US in 2008 impressed him so deeply that he returned to New York for training with Susan Baston (Nicole Kidman’s personal coach) and Roberta Wallch. In 2010, CNN put Shogen on “The Tokyo Hot List : 20 People to Watch 2010” for his outstanding roles in the cinema clip “SEVEN SAMURAI” and the JT “SEVEN STARS” ad. He is now actively involved in various films both in Japan and the US, Including “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist” (Dir. Joey Ansah), “Uzumasa Limelight” (Dir. Ken Ochiai), and “The Shadow Inside” (Dir. Tom Flint), which are scheduled to open in Japan this year.

OKINAWA: A Journey of Discovery

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